Sunday, February 22, 2009

West Texas - Near the Pecos River

Pecos River

Another one of those photo opportunities was this old stone house in Langtry, TX. The Pecos River runs through the area. This is the part of Texas where Judge Roy Bean presided and he was "The Law West of the Pecos". The music hall built there was named after the Jersey actress, Lillie Langtry. There is a Judge Roy Bean Visitor Center on a hill overlooking the land in Val Verde County, Texas.

These photographs were taken in March 2004 when the G-man & I were on our first holiday together. We first went to the Texas valley area and then drove westward with our final destination being the Big Bend National Park. We had a great time stopping at various sights along the way and found we were very compatible travelers.

Old stone house in Langtry, Texas


  1. These are great. I also am drawn to images of old buildings juxtapositioned with nature. I particularly like the shot of the falling down roof.


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