Sunday, September 12, 2010

Carolina Low Country

Just before leaving South Carolina to cross over the Savannah River into Georgia, we see the last of the beautiful Carolina Low Country. This is a pretty little farm with a lily pad pond, red barn, and lovely country home.

In a few days the G-man and I will be making another trip to the southeast and will stop in Georgia to visit family.... not far from this farm.

Lily Pad Pond

Red Barn

Country Home with Porches All Around

Barn from a different angle


  1. i am a horse woman.
    i love your header and your pictures.

    it was lovely meeting you at willow's ball.


  2. Oh, I LOVE the first picture, and all, in fact. I was also a horse woman all my life. My best memories date back to the visit at a plantation in Tennesse where they gave me a horse and asked me to ride to the post office. And later we rode around the meadows, controlling the calves. What freedom!
    Lovely farm, too. Somehow I have never visited this other blog of yours, Lizzy. Must come back.